More than 40 districts have been affected by the devastating earthquake of April 25. The death toll has reached 8350, and the number of injured has risen to 21800. Among the disaster-affected areas, IT Federation Nepal (ITFN) has distributed relief items to Nilkantha VDC of Dhading district, Raniban of Kathmandu and Sudal VDC of Bhaktapur. The relief materials included Triple- 150 pieces, Blanket- 450 pieces, Rice – 900 kilos. , Lentils – 300 kilos, Salt- 180 kilos, Lactogen – 65 bits, Sanitary pad – 360 parts, Beaten Rice – 530 kilos, Noodles – 200 boxes, Dettol – 100 bottles, Phenyl – 100 bottles, Piyush – 204 and 1 Solar set.

According to President, Raju Kushwaha, in this program women, children and poor ones were given the main priority. The event was held on mutual coordination. Health consultation service was provided to the victim group by the relief team in the presence of a doctor.

The IT federation created a relief fund with the help of various business networks and The Asia Foundation, and the program was conducted. The league thanked Dr. George Varughese Country Representatives, Ms. Shameera Shrestha and Mr. Ashray Panday, the local group along with the members for their help and further added that after the identification of disaster-affected areas, a massive relief effort was necessary.

Due to the pressure of providing the relief materials immediately, it is doubted that some of the places might have been overlooked.