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30th November 2021, Kathmandu

The new version of MiDAS eClass, now online learning available with well-known school teachers. A new version of MiDas eClass, a prestigious Nepali online learning platform in education, is going to be available soon.

The company will bring a new version with the objective of imparting quality education to the students in rural areas at affordable prices through skilled and reputed teachers of the city.

The company, which has already done a soft launch internally, is set to launch it within a week formally. For the past three years, Midas has postponed the old version to make students learn helpful and effective.

The company discontinued its service in 2017 as access to the Internet increased, and educational materials became more widely available. The company had stopped using Midas eClass CDs, which were made in Windows 1997, on newer computers, thinking that it would tarnish its image in the market.

Now the company is going to bring a new version of eClass with a new strategy. Chhatra Karki, the company’s founder, informed that there would be online classes from school to university level.

He says the Midas eClass will now focus on live classes, not recorded classes. Midas eClass, which initially provided study materials through CDs and pen drives, had launched its app after 2017.

Understanding that learning should be based on experience, Karki said Midas has never focused on theoretical knowledge and exams in learning. “We have planned to provide information on how to write in the exam, and how to score good marks through the app,” he said.

The company says that the app, which is designed for the overall development of students, connects 200 teachers belonging to educational institutions who have been imparting quality education. Midas is also working in coordination with the local level to impart education according to the geography and local environment of the students.

Managing Director Karki said that they are also arranging necessary training for the teachers. He said that the school’s management should be improved, but the convenience of the students should be taken into consideration.

“My clients are both students and teachers. That being said, I had to consider the convenience of both. He said that I have included the question and answer as reference material in the app for the quality learning of the students.

Midas can provide facilities that are challenging to provide for schools. Karki said that Midas would provide the facilities that schools could not provide through their online platform.

Teachers in rural areas cannot do timely and technical education activities. For which Midas is preparing the necessary teachers by giving necessary training, ‘he said.

In addition, teachers will be able to create videos of creative educational activities and learning materials and put them in the Midas app. Teachers will be paid based on the visits to such materials.

The company said that the teachers could send such materials themselves as videos and place them on the platform after editing. Midas believes that this will encourage the teachers and increase the quality of education.

However, Midas’s online classes will not be like direct classes in schools, said founder Karki, adding that they will be useful as alternative classes. The classes will be conducted in the morning and evening, the company said.

Karki said Midas version 2.0, which is being prepared for operation around 2023, had to be brought soon due to the epidemic. Students who want to avail of the services of Midas eClass are required to subscribe through their school or directly.

But it will be cheaper for the school to subscribe than for the parents to subscribe individually. In addition, in the new version of Midas eClass, even senior students will get the opportunity to teach junior students.

Karki said that there would be a ‘Learn and Earn’ feature for the participating students. He said, “Why do you need a master’s degree teacher to teach fourth-grade mathematics?” A ninth-grader can teach and explain better. Not only this, with the help of fire, you can do welding. Learning became more effective. This is a new platform for earning talented students. ‘

He said that Midas eClass has many useful features besides reading. In this way, Midas eClass has become a medium for teaching things outside the book and a marketplace for teaching and learning.

Classes of Midas eClass will be conducted on a trial basis for the first month. There is no charge for that. After that, according to the package, it will be Rs 150 to Rs 600 per month, said Karki. “Midas is trying to make education as accessible as possible,” he said.


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