Millionaire Mind Intensive 2016,Leapfrog Academy

Leapfrog Academy is going to organize the Zero to Millionaire Talk Series Dillibazar at Sunday,17th April 2016.

In this special free talk series, André Prenzlow and Michael Steibl will be joining us to share their experience on how they were able to turn ‘Rabbit Internet’ into a Million dollar business.

André Prenzlow: Founder & CTO @ Rabbit Internet
Michael Steibl: Founder & COO @ Rabbit Internet

About Rabbit Internet:
Rabbit Internet is a company builder and investor. It focuses on sustainable consumer internet business models for South East Asia. It operates product eccentric and understands how to grow companies efficiently. It invests in local entrepreneurs in the early and growth stage.

Rabbit Internet has created a unique platform to accelerate the process of building internet business. It is backed by the BTS Group, the leading provider of passenger services in Thailand. Further, BTS Group is the largest Out-of-Home Media Company in Thailand and engaged in property development along mass transit routes. Seats for only 40 participants.