Mobile Freindly Sites To Rank Higher

If someone searches on any topic related to Google, then you wish that the website, the posts you did, your company and issues come in the first in all search results. To go to the top list of Google is also one kind of achievement. There are some specific rules with which your website or internet contents come in the top list of google search.

Make it mobile friendly

There are some people who visit the websites of news to shopping sites from a mobile phone. And if your website becomes mobile friendly, then you have high chances of coming in the top list of Google search, and through this, the people who visit your site also increases rapidly in sudden.

Organic Content:

 Along with keyword, you also have to notice about the quality of contents. If the content is right, then more people will be attracted towards it, and they will share and read your materials.

Socially Friendly

 Your sites contents must be gentle, civil and socializing. If this happens, then all kinds of people will start learning and sharing it. There will be an increment of website visitors.


 For the contents of your site’s authoritativeness, source’s hyperlink should be kept from time to time. Doing this person can go to the primary source and read about it in detail. Likewise, the old contents of your websites also must be kept in the hyperlink. Doing this, old contents will also be read from time to time, and the visitors of the site will increase. If the contents are read many times, then there is more possibility that your materials will be shown in the top list in a google search.

Web speed- how fast your site opens and how fast the users will get to read the contents; those things will also calculate the popularity of your website.  The visitors will decrease if your site is very slow to open and with this, the possibility of coming to your contents in the top list of Google search will decrease.