When a firm business conducted through electronic media and platform, it is called E-commerce business. Its main organ is E-commerce or Internet marketing. It is not necessary to gather buyers and sellers together and visit the shop for buying and selling products. Buyer and seller together and visit the shop for buying and selling products. Buyer and seller are connected with each other with electronic media.

E-business means consumer and business transactions conducted over a network using computers and telecommunications.

The term E-business and E- commerce are often used inter changeable. E-business is a wide term of  E- commerce. Ecommerce refers to the marketing, selling and business over the internet. E-c ommerce provides ways to exchange information between individuals, companies and most important of all between computers. E-commerce is the movement of business onto the world wide web, www.

E-business involves:

Strengthing relationship with costumer and supplier

Checking out the compettion

Developing new products

Dealing with government agencies

Re-designing business process

E-tailing and service online

Level of E-commerce

According to the nature, E-commerce is divided into many parts:

  1. Business to consumer, B2C E-commerce

Business firms direct sell their product to consumer through internet.

  1. Business to business, B2B E-commerce

Business firms user their internet to sell their [products tyo the business organisation. Itb greatly helps the business.

  1. Consumer to Consumer,C2C E-commerce

The consumer through website can exchange with the news, information and experience about the products and services to be consumed.

  1. Consumer to Business,C2B E-commerce

The internet even in making a firm’s personnel conscious to hear the criticisms, complaints, suggestion of costumer. The costumer can communicate with business firms about their opinions through E-mail.

  1. Business to government, B2G E-commerce

The government plays a significant role as a costumer of products and services produced by a business organization. The business organisation sell their products and services directly to local, regional and central level government organs through the internet.