1. Tells us your Background.

– Being an engineering student; I (Indra Sapkota) have to say my field is engineering though I have been working in this field since from three years.

  1. What exactly online Jobs?

– Online jobs are those jobs which can be done from home with the use of computer and internet. The posts can be data entry, data processing, article writing, outsourcing …etc

  1. What is your current project?

-In the past, I was working on several sites. The sites were related to biography and modern physics. Currently, I am working on the health and IT related site. The place is under construction.

  1. How to earn money through Google AdSense?

– We will advertise a different product through Google. We will publish those ads on our websites. Google pay us per click.  If people are interested to know in detail, I can teach them personally.

  1. What are the general tips while writing the contents with SEO friendly?

– Open mind.

– Current event.

– Focus on particular People.

– Unique

    1. What is the future perspective of online Jobs?

– The future of online job is bright, but you have to be in the correct frame of reference. You have to be punctual and dedicated.

  1. Do you have anything to share with your fans through ICT   FRAME

– I have been working with several websites and companies. My partners were foreigners in the past. I work with the American, British and Indian peoples.

I have learned a lot from them. Now, I would like to share my knowledge with Nepalese people, and I will try my best to create more jobs to Nepalese peoples.

  1. Will you please share us your habit on the use of social media?

– I am familiar with social media. I am active on Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and Instagram. I open them almost every day.

  1. How selective are you while buying gadgets?

– I don’t select devices but my favorite brand is Apple, and I mostly buy gadgets from Apple.

  1. Any other things you would like to tell for Nepalese People?

–  More than 50 % of Nepalese youth are jobless. Online Jobs can be the best solution for them. I can provide training and workshop for them if they want.

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