While going through the cars, we really realize that car is a means of transportation but now this becomes the factor of maintaining the status in the society by owing luxurious and expensive cars. Luxury is the primary and its no wonder about the market which bits the best technology.

There are many automobiles which consider the most expensive, attractive attention of the people. It is imagined that it cost might be among $8 million. The automobile industries is trying to bring the best technology in the people with the price.

The most expensive car list is given below:

Maybach Exelero:

Manufacturer: Maybach Motorenbau Gmbh

Engine: v12 twin turbo

Speed: 351 km/hr

Maybach Exelero comes in the top of the chart to be the most expensive cars in the world being priced at $ 8 million. It has an incredible speed of 351 km/hr. It is the masterpiece powered by V12 engine.

Lamborghini Veneno

Manufacturer: Automobile Lamborghini

Engine: 6.5 l v12

Speed: 356 km/hr

This is  stylish and is described as one of the strongest car which the company has ever made. This vehicle is powered by 750 horse power with 6.5 litres. The engine price is about $ 3.9 million. It has the maximum speed of 355 km/hr. It comes up with a 7 speed transmission.

This company has sold only three cars.

Lykan hypersport

Manufacturer: W motors

Engine: 3.7 L flat-six

Speed: 385 km/hr

Lykan’s hypersport is a product of Lebanese car company. This car ha s a price tag of of $ 3.5 million. It was lunched in November 2013 at the international Dubai motors show. This car has made a plan to produce seven units and all of them will have rubies and strips of diamond on their headlights. This is the buyer advice that the design should be changed, the quality of rubly and emebded diamonds.

Bugatti veyron

Manufacturer: w Motors

Engine: 8.0L W16 quod-turbo charged, 1.014 ps

Speed: 430 km/hr

This car is manufactured by Bugatti Automobile. It was designed and developed by Volkswage. It was price tag of $2.6 million. It is mainly known for its high performance. This is the fastest and most expensive car. This has the sleek and brilliant appearance.

Aston Martin One-77

Manufacturer; Aston Martin

Engine: 7.3L V12

Speed: 354 km/hr

This is the fantastic looking car. It is priced at $1.85 million which runs at the speed of 230 mph that is 354 km/hr. This has the aluminium body panels. This is also used for racing. It has Carbon Ceramic Matrix brake system.