Name: Xbox 360 enjoy the Gaming Action

Release date: 22-11-2005

Founder: Willian Henry Bill gates

Country: USA

Industry: Technology

Company: Microsoft

Website: xbox.xom

Xbox live is non- subscription service which allowed their user to create their own profile . You may talk to the member using the message board and Xbox live in the market place. The premium subscription is also called as Xbox live gold. It is the latest game playing station which does not accept third party subscription.

The old user of Xbox live can easily restore their complete profile, games information and friends. The Xbox market place is amazing place in which we can purchase the game theme. We can easily view the latest demo trailer. It has lots of game from download. It also has the game for playstation console like symphony of night, zuma etc. You may buy any games from their which costs $ 5- $15 per installed.

There are also some exciting features i.e Xbox video Market place. It was established on 22 November 2006. You can easily download HD video from their and it has the time limits to watch the movie or video within 14 days and will be expired in 24 hours after begin to play. There are more than 30 millions music track which allows you to purchase.

After that Microsoft has lunched life events player so that we can watch life events like news, concert, awards etc. Xbox 360 has sold 7 millions in Europe in November 2008.10 million in US, 1.5 million in Japan and 3.9 million in Uk. Xbox has their own platform which has been able to accommodate both new games.

The success of Xbox is due to its exceptional processing. Almost the world countries are experiencing the magic of Xbox.