MoU Between ICT Association Of Nepal And Nepal Certifying Company

Signing Ceremony of the MoU between ICT Association of Nepal and Nepal Certifying Company

On 10th August 2016, a conference was held in Computer Bazaar to discuss the possible ways to promote the usage of Digital Signature Certificate in Nepal. Not only this, a penned signature for Digital Signature Certificate was also performed between the ICT Association of Nepal and Nepal Certifying Company. The MoU was signed by Biplav Man Singh, Chairman of Nepal Certifying Company (NCC) and Mr. Bhesh Raj Poudel, President of ICT Association of Nepal. By doing so, it has become the first IT organization to lead Nepal in the process of Digital Signature.

Digital Signature is like an electronic fingerprint. It uses authenticate digital information like documents, e-mail, etc. to establish assurances like authenticity, integrity, and Non-repudiation. Besides, it provides the highest levels of Security and Universal Acceptance to use a standard, accepted format called PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). Not only this, now, it is globally recognized as a perfect signature to test the truthiness of the certificate for any financial transactions, contract management software, software distribution and many more.

Besides, to use this certificate, Biplav Man Singh said that it was like a handwritten signature and unique to each signer. Such as Document signature used a specific protocol called PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to use a mathematical algorithm for generating two long numbers called public and private keys. When a document was signed by the signer, then the signature was created using the signer’s private key, which is always kept securely by the signer. Furthermore, he told that here the algorithm would act as a cipher, creating data matching the signed document called hash and encrypting that data called digital signature. So it has to be marked with time, and if the material’s changed, then the name would be invalid. So it is safe to use and most effective as well then the electronic signature. Beside Digital signature is different than an electronic signature. Furthermore, he added that it was enjoyable for him to provide a Digital Signature Certificate to ICT Association of Nepal for the first time. And this program inspired him to launch such program all over the country to make Digital Nepal.

Likewise, Mr. Bhesh Raj Poudel said that this program was also great for them to use the digital signature on their company. And he gave special thanks to Mr. Biplav Man Singh for giving him a chance to become the first IT organization to be digitally signed.

In summary, now the trend on Digital Signature is rapidly increasing and needs as well to provide international authentication to any organization. So use it to get a globally recognized certificate.