NEHUB SPARK-Mentoring Application, Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub

Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub is a motivational Hub and conducts the program for Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Companies to provide expert advice on any business with mentors. Beside it is dedicated towards a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and facilitates investment on small to large enterprises. For this purpose, they collaborate with many experts within Nepal and abroad to seek stimulation and growth of entrepreneurship.

Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub started its program by 2012 and took its shape as a nonprofit company in 2015. Up to now, it had completed eight startup weekend Kathmandu events, five sparks talk series / Meetup and many mentoring/ coaching sessions and still conducting many more.

Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub can be called as an apex organization to develop and promote entrepreneurship in Nepal. So they conducted many programs and events to nurture and accelerate startup companies and the community.

In summary, if you are interested in getting the advantage of this FREE “Spark Mentoring “ sessions, fill up these forms by 13th August 2016 to be selected as successful entrepreneurs. The link for this form is: