Actually Mr. Robot is a popular rare TV show that provides a realistic depiction of hacks and vulnerabilities, at the forefront of cyber security. And it has completed many shows and season with the discussion of connected devices. These connected devices are actually the entry point of choice of Elliot and society to breach networks and traditional security controls.

And the Pwn Phone is actually the most powerful mobile platform for penetration testing and security assessments. Beside the most exciting things about Pwnie Express is, giving away a Pwn Phone like the phone used in the show. Not only this, The Pwn phone is the latest connected deice that hacks on Mr.Robot and contains FemtoCell, a Raspberry Pi, Bluetooth Sniffers along with the hack of an E-corp exec’s connected home and even the most crucial meltdown of E-Corp’s data center by using a connected HVAC system. Furthermore, Pwn Phone is also built on Kali Linux that comes pre-packaged with over 100 build-in and ‘one-click’ tools and run for the third-party scripts. Even it is available through the Android open Pwn Project.

What ever the threats that you have observed are being exploited by criminals to gain unauthorized access and steal data from companies. Furthermore, PwHow your computer monitor could be hacked to spy on younie made it clear that they do not condone the criminal use of penetration testing tools and devices. But penetration is essential to make the process effective.

Similarly, it is also essential to find and fix the serious security vulnerabilities in the devices and networks which would help to permeate every facet of our daily lives.

So, this show will depicit all these information and you much watch this show to know about dream device for hackers, obviously you would get many effective information on this topic.