Rapid advancement currently happening in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) has a strong potential to bring positive changes in our society. Everyone is starting to feel the impact of giant companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google that mobilize AI technology at large scales. Moreover, the role of AI in the progress of disciplines as varied as education, health, agriculture, urbanization, climate, social science, economics, and security is starting to emerge.

While there is a lack of skilled manpower worldwide in the field of AI, this problem is even greater in Nepal. Therefore, in order for students and entrepreneurs to develop skills in the field of AI, we (NAAMII), with support from and in collaboration with the telecom service provider Ncell, are organizing an 11-day course “First Nepal Winter School in AI”. Ncell, according to its corporate social responsibility program, has sponsored this first winter school in AI. This course is being held at Prime College, Kathmandu.



The main objectives of NAAMII are: to conduct research on informatics, computer science and AI at same l level as that being done at world-class research labs and universities; to find innovative solutions to grave problems faced by Nepal and the world through multidisciplinary research; to improve the educational level on the aforementioned topic by utilizing and working with existing universities and infrastructure; to develop innovative solutions into a productive industry and generate products and technology useful for our society.

The members of these organizations are either researchers at renowned universities around the world or are providing service in important fields within Nepal. This is most likely the first occasion that so many Nepali experts have come together in one place to run a course. Out of 450 applicants, the selected 114 applicants are participating in this course. Among them, almost 100% of Nepali participants, with Ncell’s support, are receiving a scholarship and those coming from outside Kathmandu valley are receiving travel and accommodation grants. 25 international participants are coming from India, China, the Philippines, Germany, and Norway.

Several well-known scientists and academics of Nepal are invited to the inauguration ceremony of this course which is on December 20th, Thursday. Besides conducting a rigorous course on AI and related topics, the last day of the course will feature a panel discussion on the implication of the rapid progress of AI on a socio-economic aspect of our lives. Besides, as a team-building activity between participants and lecturers as well as to promote Nepal’s tourism, we are also organizing a hiking trip on December 25th. For NAAMII, this 11-day course is an initial step towards the future where we envision working together with students, academics, various governmental, non-governmental and private academic and innovative organizations.

Website of AI school: https://nepalschool.naamii.com.np/

Date: December 20-30, 2018 

Location: Prime College, Naya Bazar, Kathmandu

Organizer: NAAMII           

Prime sponsor: Ncell


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