Nabil Bank's Milestone

1st June 2023, Kathmandu

Nabil Bank Limited, one of the prominent banks in Nepal, celebrated its 38th year of operation by opening 38 new branches across the country.

This expansion initiative aims to bring banking services closer to customers and enhance accessibility throughout Nepal.

The simultaneous opening of these branches is part of the bank’s efforts to provide straightforward and effective banking services to customers across the nation, under the slogan “Nabil Bank is now closer to you.”

Out of the 38 new branches, the province of Bagmati has the highest number with 13 branches.

The distribution of branches is as follows: one branch in the Koshi province, eight branches in the Madhesh province, three branches in the Gandaki provinces, ten branches in the Lumbini province, one branch in the Karnali province, and two branches in the Sudurpaschim provinces.

The opening ceremony was held at the central level and was attended by high-ranking bank officers, bank employees, and members of the bank’s board of directors.

Notably, Upendra Prasad Paudyal, the chairman of Nabil Bank, and Nirwan Chaudhary, the bank’s director, each opened eight branches. Additionally, Asha Rana Adhikari, another bank director, opened eight branches, while Anant Paudyal and Pravin Tibadewala opened seven branches each.

With the addition of these 38 new branches, Nabil Bank now has a total of 255 branch locations, further expanding its reach and accessibility to customers throughout Nepal.

With the opening of these 38 new branches, Nabil Bank significantly expands its branch network and strengthens its presence across Nepal. This move demonstrates the bank’s commitment to providing convenient and effective banking services to customers nationwide.


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