Thapathali Campus Online Payment System

1st June 2023, Kathmandu

Thapathali Campus, Institute of Engineering, has implemented a convenient online payment system through the NIC Asia Bank web portal and mobile application. This system aims to eliminate the need for bank visits and standing in queues at the Account Section of Thapathali Campus for payment verification.

“Seamless Payments at Thapathali and Pashupati Campuses with NIC Asia Bank’s Digital System”

NIC Asia Bank, a prominent digital banking provider in Nepal, has introduced a user-friendly digital payment system for Thapathali Campus and Pashupati Multipurpose Campus, renowned engineering institutes in Kathmandu. This collaborative initiative enables students to effortlessly pay their educational fees through the bank’s digital platform.

Through separate agreements with each campus, NIC Asia Bank has streamlined payment options for various fees, including admission fees, semester fees, examination fees, monthly fees, ID card fees, priority fees, certificate fees, practical fees, field report fees, teaching practice fees, and recommendation fees.

To make payments, students can conveniently access the bank’s mobile banking app and select the e-services section, where they can choose their respective campuses. Similarly, on the bank’s website, a simple click on the e-services tab allows students to easily pay their fees without physically visiting the campus. Alternatively, payments can be made by scanning the provided campus QR code or using the quick pay link.

Previously, students had to visit the bank branch and fill out paper vouchers to pay their fees, causing long queues and administrative complexities.

With this new agreement, students can now enjoy a hassle-free payment experience, eliminating the need for physical presence and reducing paperwork.

Additionally, campus administrations can efficiently manage real-time data, information, financial records, audits, and reporting.

NIC Asia Bank, known for its extensive network of 360 branch offices, 473 ATMs, 108 extended counters, and 65 branchless banking networks nationwide, continues to lead in digital banking by digitizing fee payments for these campuses. Students can now conveniently pay their fees without enduring long queues or dealing with cash, simplifying their academic journey.


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