Nabil Digibank

5th August 2020, Kathmandu

With the powerful impact of the Covid-19, everyone is trying something new and something smart. In this innovative run, Nabil Bank grabs the spotlight with its new feature service, Nabil DigiBank! They are running this campaign with the hashtag Scan and Withdraw (#Scan&Withdraw).

In this service, you get to scan the QR code and withdraw cash in just those easy steps! Yes, no cheque!

Amused? So are we! Let’s see how this new DigiBank works.

How to Use Nabil’s DigiBank Scan and Withdraw Service?

  • Firstly, go to your nearest Nabil Bank branch and log-in to your Nabil Smart Bank App!
  • Secondly, open your QR Scanner. All you have to do is scan the QR Code that is available to you in the Bank’s branch office.
  • And lastly, withdraw cash from your account without using a cheque at all!

Easy, right? And it’s fun too!

Here’s a small note though. You can only withdraw up to NPR 100,000 per day and up to NPR 1,000,000 per month.

This #Scan&Withdraw service is available only in Kathmandu Valley branches for now. Customers outside the valley may have to wait for some time.

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Nabil’s Scan and Withdraw is an Innovation

Nabil can proudly say this service is the first of its kind in Nepal. At times when social distancing is crucial and human touches can be dangerous, this is a safe and fun way to operate a business!

We think other commercial banks can also take this as an inspiration and implement similar services that keep us safe and make transactions easy and fast.

Coronavirus pandemic is proving once again that digital is the future.

We wish the Nabil team best wishes for their new service. And we motivate you to share this good news with your friends and family who have accounts at Nabil Bank!

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