Nabil Bank Online Account

8th June 2020, Kathmandu

Congratulations! You have finally decided to go digital and we love you for that! Online banking is the new normal, it’s safe, it’s fast, and it saves you ungodly hours! Here, we’ll teach you an easy way to open your Nabil bank online account.

Quick steps to open Nabil bank online account

Step 1: Go to Nabil Bank’s Website
Step 2: Click on “A/c Opening Online”
Step 3: Fill your personal information
Step 4: Upload your Mandatory Documents
Step 5: Type “I Agree” to the terms and click “Submit”
Step 6: Wait for the bank to send you a notification.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Open an Online Nabil Bank Account

Nabil Bank Ltd is undoubtedly one of the best performing banks in Nepal today. With its charming Net Profit of over 3 Arab regardless of the coronavirus pandemic is worth appreciating!

So if you want to be a part of this bank by opening your Nabil Bank online account, we got you! Follow these steps below and you will have your account activated in no time!

  • Step 1: Firstly, go to the bank’s website and click on the “A/C Opening Online” option from the Quick Access Links. Or, just click to this link here!
  • Step 2: Secondly, you will have to fill up simple information about you and the kind of account you wish to open. You need to fill up your name, number, citizen card no., address,
  • Step 3: Just like any kind of verification, you will need to verify your documents with the bank as well. These are mandatory! Make sure you have them while opening your online Nabil bank account. Documents include Photo, B. Citizen Certificate, C. Source of FCY earnings certificate.
  • Step 4: You’re almost done. Once you’ve filled up everything, do make sure to go back and double-check. When you’re happy with filling up your information, click submit!

Now, you will receive a notification in your email or the bank’s online team will SMS you about your active account status. However, this process may take up to a maximum of 2 business days so be patient.

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Meanwhile, Nabil Bank Ltd has a new option for Saving Accounts Deposit! It’s referred to as the Nabil Gen-N Account! Nabil Gen-N means “Generation Nepal” and this new account opening has its own lavish features.

Nabil Gen-N Account

Features of Nabil Gen-N Account

  • You can create this account with a Zero minimum balance!
  • Take full benefit of FREE Mobile Banking, FREE Internet Banking, and FREE Viber Banking!
  • You get a FREE Debit/Credit Card service for 4 years. However, there are some conditions! See here for details.
  • Moreover, you can enjoy FREE 2GB Data Pack in your NTC/Ncell right after your account activation & many more features!

We hope you all the very best for opening a Nabil bank online account!

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