NADA Auto Show 2020 Not Happening Before Dashain Festival

Image: A NADA Auto show that took place last year in 2019, right before Dashain Festival

14th August 2020, Kathmandu

Every year, before Nepal’s biggest festival, Dashain, the auto industry celebrates a pre-Dashain maha-event. The NADA Auto Expo is where you get to see new launches and fantastic discount prices. A perfect Dashain gift to every auto lovers in Nepal! This year, however, Coronavirus beats the tradition.

The NADA Auto Show 2020 is not happening before Dashain due to the impact of Coronavirus.

Health is a primary concern during this time. A place where people gather in a mass is not appropriate, as it can affect a vast number of people with the virus. Keeping this in mind, decisions follow to not organize NADA for now.

Auto dealers will not be able to showcase their best products, and auto lovers will not be able to experience this exciting expo!

On the brighter side, auto dealers will organize individual Dashain events within their showrooms. Most Auto Showrooms will have their own Dashain offerings and discounts for customers.

Impact on Auto Industry

Business people worry about the impact of Coronavirus on the auto sector. Last year alone, NADA contributed Rs 5 billion to the economy. Since there is no common platform this year to showcase such a grand event, businesses can suffer a significant loss.

We think that NADA Auto is one of the most exciting events that happen here. But we also believe it is required to keep the social distancing and maintain proper corona precaution.

We look forward to a better coming day where corona no longer exists, and we enjoy a grand expo!

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