Smart Telecom Network

4 March 2021, Kathmandu

The Nagarik app can also be run on Smart Telecom’s network, which is currently being tested

Smart Telecom is testing it for use by integrating Nagarik apps into its network. Smart customers are currently not allowed to use the Nagarik app, but the app will be available on the network within a few days.

According to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, the company is currently testing the software for use on its network.

The NTA official said that the Nagarik app could not be run on Smart’s network earlier, but now it can be run after a few days.

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“We sent a letter asking them to make the Nagarik app free,” the official said, adding that they would soon be launching the Nagarik app on the Smart network.

Earlier, Smart Telecom did not integrate the app into its network, creating concerns about the data in the app. Since then, customers of Smart Telecom have complained of discrimination.

Now that the app is available on the smart network, the complaint is expected to close.

Currently, roughly 219 active Smart Telecom customers are on the 4G network.


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