Nagarik App Beta Version


On January 15th, 2020 – Friday, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Parbat Gurung announced the launch of the Nagarik App. The aim of this app is to make public service delivery easy, transparent, and effective by the digitalization of all government services.

This is one of the projects under the Digital Nepal Framework. The Digital Nepal Framework is designed to unlock Nepal’s growth potential through digitization. Released in 2018, this project will be of great help to Nepal for reaching the goal of attaining “Developing Nation” status by 2022.

The app is currently in its beta version (test version) and will have additional features in the upcoming updates. If you are sick and tired of having to wait in queues to perform tiny tedious tasks during a busy day, this is the app for you.

You can find this app in Google Play Store for your Android devices or in the App Store for your IOS devices.


Nagarik App has a simple, easy to use, and satisfying design. Once you download it from your respective stores, you can enjoy the functions and features of this app.

To register for this application, you need to provide your phone number. A verification code is sent to the given number. After receiving the SMS and verifying the phone number you need to choose between Citizenship, Voter card, and passport as a document.

If you choose Citizenship as the document, you will need to provide your details accordingly. The details include Citizenship number, Citizenship issuing district, Date of Birth in BS, and Citizenship Issue date in BS. Accordingly, for a Voter card, you will need to provide your Voter ID and Date of Birth in BS. Similarly, For Passport, you will need to provide a Passport number and Date of Birth in AD.

This app lets you choose between English and Nepali as your language of convenience.

Features of Nagarik App

Now let’s look into its features of the Nagarik App:

  • Citizens can get PAN numbers directly by applying for a PAN card from the “Nagarik App”.
  • Users can view and obtain details of taxes paid to the government through their mobile phones.
  • Users can obtain and view details of their personal documents; such as citizenship, passport, educational certificate, and voter identity card from this application.
  • You can obtain information about the amount deposited in the account of the citizen investment fund, provident fund, and social security fund and loan details.
  • Citizens can complain to the government about their problems through the app.
  • Moreover, the government and public bodies have heard and addressed the grievances of the citizens.
  • Using this app, you can save paper and time and also take service on public holidays.

Negative points

  • The number must be registered under the name of the Citizenship owner or else you cannot log in.
  • Connectivity problems
  • Many people are facing issues during the login process.
  • Some complaints are regarding the app crashes constantly.


This application is an impressive effort on part of the government as digitalizing the government services is beneficial to both citizens and workers. Since the application is in its beta phase, the functions and features are not implemented properly. This is why people are facing a lot of issues, especially during login and registration.

If citizens cannot log in, they can hardly do anything that the app was intended to do. But exactly because it is just the beta phase, if the team can remove all these problems and issues, the Nagarik app will be revolutionary.


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