NAMI College And InfoDevelopers Signed, Academia-Industry Tie-Up

July 20, 2019, Kathmandu

An agreement has been signed between Nami College, located at Jorpati, Kathmandu and InfoDevelopers Pvt. Ltd to cooperate in the field of Information Technology. Representatives of both the organizations signed a memorandum of understanding at a program organized at Nami College on Wednesday 17th July 2019.

The agreement is said to facilitate the practical studies of students enrolled in Nami College. According to the agreement, with the help of InfoDevelopers, Nami College will be developed as a top research center, and the representatives of Info Developers will provide training and mentorship services as per the requirements of the college.

Following the agreement, Nami’s students will be able to directly interact with the innovations happening in the world market in the field of IT. Also, representatives of both organizations believe that Nami can be developed as a great center of information technology.

As per the agreement, both organizations have also requested students who are interested in entrepreneurship and have creative skills to participate in this campaign.

Naomi is conducting its MBA, BBA, BSc. in Computing, BSc. in Software Engineering, BSc. in Computer Network Engineering and BSc. in Environmental Science in collaboration with Northampton University situated in the UK.

InfoDevelopers is a leading organization in the field of Information Technology. The institute has been active in the training and production of skilled human resource related to the area of IT for the past 16 years. The initiative of the college to involve their students in the IT field with the collaboration of such a leading organization is worth praising.


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