Telecom Telephone and Postpaid Mobile at a Cheaper Rate Than Before

July 20, 2019, Kathmandu

The local telephone and postpaid mobile services which were provided by Nepal Telecom will now be available at a rate lower than before.

According to Article 14 (1) of 2076 Budget Policy, there is an arrangement to take only Rs 500 as the ownership fee from the customer subscribing to the telephone service. This means that the Telephone and postpaid mobile services provided by Nepal Telecom are now cheaper than their previous rate.

According to the policy, the local telephone service is available at Rs.1635 and to get postpaid mobile service; the customer needs to pay only Rs. 945. Earlier, the customers had to pay Rs. 2200 for the telephone subscription and Rs. 1510 for postpaid services.

Besides, the implementation of the Bill will reduce the cost of nominally replacing the local telephone by Rs.565. Telecom said that before the application, users had to pay the fee of Rs. 1243, whereas now they need to pay only Rs. Six hundred seventy-eight to nominally transferring their telephone lines.

The revised charge has been applied from today, Shrawan 1, 2076.

The telecom has also decided not to increase the price of the internet services provided by them. According to the government’s policy, the ISPs must pay the Telecommunication Service charge and hence have included 13% extra charges to the internet price. But Nepal Telecom has instead planned to make the service cheaper to the user and hasn’t increased the cost. Various internet plans for the users are included that ensures useful internet at a more affordable rate by Nepal Telecom.


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