NAS-IT Pre-Budget

28th March 2024, Kathmandu

NAS-IT, a leading voice in Nepal’s tech industry, is organizing a Pre-Budget Policy Dialogue on April 2nd, 2024, from 4 PM to 6 PM at the CloudFactory Jawalakhel Hub.

This crucial event aims to gather tech executives and founders to discuss and outline key policy priorities essential for fostering Nepal’s burgeoning tech ecosystem.

The dialogue seeks to achieve several objectives:

Identifying Key Policy Priorities:

NAS-IT aims to pinpoint critical policy changes necessary to support and advance Nepal’s tech industry.

Evaluating Advocacy Efforts:

The forum provides a platform to assess the effectiveness of past advocacy efforts by NAS-IT and identify areas for improvement.

Developing Unified Policy Strategy:

Through collaborative discussions and feedback, NAS-IT intends to formulate a clear and unified plan for policy advocacy, particularly in anticipation of the upcoming budget announcement.

The event is poised to yield significant outcomes, including:

Actionable Policy Recommendations:

Participants will collaboratively generate a concrete list of policy recommendations to be presented to the government. These recommendations aim to address pressing issues and enhance the regulatory framework to foster innovation and growth within Nepal’s tech sector.

With Nepal’s tech industry poised for rapid expansion, NAS-IT’s Pre-Budget Policy Dialogue stands as a pivotal platform for shaping the future trajectory of the country’s tech ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates on the outcomes and recommendations arising from this critical event.

 NAS-IT Pre-Budget Policy Dialogue: Registration Link


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