Rakuten Viber

28th March 2024, Kathmandu

In a collaboration that embraces the belief that “conversation is the new interface”, Rakuten Viber, the leading global platform for private and secure messaging and voice-based communication, has partnered with AI studio Inflection brings its cutting-edge conversational AI expertise to Viber’s millions of users worldwide.

Viber users will have direct access to Pi, enhancing their messaging experience through advanced conversational capabilities.

With a name that stands for personal intelligence, Pi brings an exceptionally empathetic and supportive personality to conversations with users.

It is powered by Inflection in house-built Inflection-2.5 large language model which is competitive with the world’s best foundation models on key industry benchmarks.

Pi combines world-beating EQ with smart IQ to help users with all their questions. Viber users can ask for advice, up-to-date information, or just chat. Pi will help them organize their thoughts, make clear plans, and act on them whether they’re changing jobs, trying to get healthier, learning a new skill, wanting to know the latest news, or just in the mood for a chat. Now, Pi is available to Viber users around the clock so they always have a friend to turn to.

Alongside their new personal AI, Pi-inspired stickers are available to all users on the platform for the next three months to use in both personal conversations with friends and chats with Pi. Users can bring positive messages to their chats with friends through the stickers, featuring expressive, supportive, and friendly lines, like “I can help”, “Let’s talk”, “Hi friend” and even “Love you.”

Rakuten Viber teams up

Rakuten Viber has joined the League of Super Apps, offering its users an array of versatile services and functions from instant in-app payments to ordering services

and entertaining channels to an endless collection of stickers, gifs, and chatbots enhancing users’ conversations and empowering business growth.

The expansion of the AI capabilities on the platform has been an essential component of Viber’s evolution and growth during the past few years. Now together with Inflection, backed by $1.5 billion of investment from major investors including Microsoft, Nvidia, Bill Gates, and Eric Schmidt, the messaging app dares to envision a future where users can leverage the power of artificial intelligence seamlessly and effectively at their fingertips.

“Rakuten Viber has always been committed to democratizing access to powerful and at the same time easy-to-use communication capabilities for smartphone users around the world.

By welcoming Pi on our platform we are taking another important step in this journey – to introduce powerful and highly conversational AI assistants to millions of users for the first time in their lives.”, comments Atanas Raykov, VP of Global Marketing & Growth at Rakuten Viber.


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