13th July 2020, Kathmandu

Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) makes public the list of proposals and applications for receiving grants under their new campaign!

NAST is aware of the impact of the coronavirus in Nepal and the unimaginable ways it can hamper our lives. To fight such battles and to stay prepared, NAST is granting money for new companies and teams to come with smart solutions.

In this mega campaign, 13 proposals are under selection by NAST. Below is an image of the best proposals.

Academy of Science and Technology

There were remarkably more proposals that were submitted. Out of a total of 162 proposals, 13 best were selected by NAST.

The Research Titles are as follows:

  1. Industrial Production of Indigenous Insect for food and feed in Nepal by Vivekananda Mahat.
  2. Smart Egg Incubator by Santosh Dahal.
  3. Pesticide Spraying Drone by Robotics Association of Nepal.
  4. Smart Agrochemical Plant for Keratin Waste by Biplab Karki.
  5. Implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) for Oyster Mushroom by Deepesh Guragain.
  6. Hydroponics by Sandesh Subedi.
  7. Medical Drone Tech by Anil Karki.
  8. Portable Sawmill for Timber Processing by Laxman Motra.
  9. Quad Bike by Kapil Gyawali.
  10. e-Voting System by Ashmita Pandey.
  11. Organic Pesticide by Khil Bahadur Bayakoti.
  12. Replacement of animal power with Motar by Hari Darlami.
  13. Modern Pottery by Nawaraj Bhattarai.

These are the 13 best proposals that were accepted by NAST. These research proposals will receive grants in phase wise for starting and completing the projects!

It is amusing to see the number of youths ready to bring a change for the love of the nation. So much energy and so much potential with the youths of today!

If given the platform and opportunity, maybe the youths of today can change Nepal in a better way. Maybe if we trust our young ones, we can fight the COVID pandemic in the future. Maybe we become much stronger as a nation.

And maybe it’s time to trust a little more on the young ones.

Do you think the youth are the hope for Nepal? What are your thoughts with NAST’s attempt?

Share your insights with us in the comments!

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