NIC Sharing Free PPE To The Ambulance Driver

April 14, 2020, Kathmandu

Sharing free PPE to the ambulance driver, Mahabir Pun asked for a substantial amount. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is one of the essential gear that every health worker requires. As these workers work close to the infectious patient, they are more prone to getting infected by the virus. Among the health workers also come the ambulance drivers who work hard for the sick to reach the hospitals. Ambulance drivers aren’t immune to the virus.  Ambulance crews requested protective gear.

The National Invention Center will provide free PPE to ambulance drivers of Kathmandu Valley.

“Ambulance drivers in Kathmandu should come to Tribhuvan University Kirtipur by taking an ambulance with a license,” said Pun. I was adding that PPE will be available from Monday.

Pun has informed that PPE is available only to ambulance drivers within the Kathmandu Valley.

National Invention Centre needs Financial Help

In the meantime, Pun said that a loan of Rs 7 lakh is required for a loan during the lockdown period.

“There is a financial shortage for making PP and other materials. If anyone wishes to give us cash or who can look for a loan, please let us know,” he said, “it is a loan, not charity.”

He informed us that the expenditure for making PIPE was coming from the invention center. He told us that the center received Rs.

One of the signatories of the center is outside Kathmandu, that’s why they are currently looking for seven million cash loans to buy and make goods.

Till now,  the total expenditure for making PPE is carried out by the National Invention Centre itself. They have received Rs.15 lakh and 4 thousand and donation  Rs. Five lakhs and 5 thousand loans.

“After a notice was issued, of the cash sought to make PPE and other items to tackle Coronavirus, Rs. 4 lakh out of cash Rs. 7 lakh is a loan and Rs. 3 lakh is a donation,” he said.

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