National Students’ Conference on IT

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National college of information and Technology-NCIT was established in 2001 which run its Bachelor and aster program on the affiliation of Pokhara University i.e B.E, BBA, ME, MSC and MSIC. All the engineering degree are approved by Nepal Engineering council. It has produced many institution after its establishment.

NCIT is a pioneer private institution which provides engineer education in Nepal. It is renowned for its excellence in research and teaching while maintain mutually beneficial links, close links with various sector. The college provides higher education and nurtures individual talent b y using an applicable knowledge about which fully support on economics advances and ongoing social changes.

The institution is committed for providing quality education with various engineer disciplines about the professional needs of the emerging market. Our highly experienced faculty and highly qualified teacher fully dedicated to their teaching. He have various infrastructure which foster academic excellence. We provide vital role credit including various research and project work to meet the need of students and improve their employ ability.

The college is also authorized by CISCO training partner, Microsoft and Red hat. It provides various conducts examination and related training which leads internationally recognized certification from the renowned institution. NCIT has also conduct the Microsoft Academic Courses. NCIT launched the Nationa International IT Conference on ICT For Globalization. We appreciate the initiation taken by Nepal College of Information Technology for providing this type of forum for the IT students. Cconference will enable the participants to understand more about the recent trends, prospects and directions in the field of Information Technology. The Conference Chairman is Prof. Dr. Shashidhar Ram Joshi.

NCIT played an institutional role for its academic boundaries. It provides aspiration and future access of its students for building the nation.