Nepalese Entrepreneur, Young ICT Entrepreneur, young Entrepreneur in Nepal,  Exploring the link between technology and entrepreneurship in Nepal, Shaping the future with the Slashplus. We asked some questions to Kshitiz Karkee, CEO of Slash plus Pvt. Ltd.

What’s your background, and how did you come into your role as a CEO of SLashplus IT company?

 I completed my graduation in business studies four years ago and my background heavily relied on management side. However, I’ve have always had a fascination with technology and computers. While studying bachelor I used to take computer classes and thus decided to pursue my careers in IT field.   Before establishing my own company I had worked under an IT company for two years and dreamed the CEO position at the age of 23 which helped me to develop a mindset.  All I ever wanted to do was worker under an IT company and to serve the nation and that determination made me an entrepreneur.

 Why Slashplus? How did Slashpus get started?

Slash plus is more than just an institute or consultants that comprises of dedicated professionals as passionate about technology and business. One mind is sturdy and a team of minds is limitless. The institute and staffs member brings a unique set of backgrounds, experiences, and ideas to share and impart that knowledge with our students. And the training, techniques and education we provide helps an individual to be smarter and sound in IT field.

         I made my decision of starting a business when I was working under a company but starting a business was a mysterious process. However, I had figured out what exactly I wanted to do and took action accordingly. And that’s how Slashplus got started.

Are you a team player? How do you handle critical situations as a CEO?

        I’ve worked in teams and individually as well. I find that working in a group strengthens the work performed as well as creates a proper workflow and information distribution between the team members. On the other hand, they are working individually as the owner is challenging.

But I have always considered responsibility as motivation and the manner I worked helped to safeguard quick execution of the work.

      The first struggle faced by any CEO’s is to meet professional obligations while trying to live a balanced life. The CEO is so tied to the business that there are no resources for the CEO to share management responsibilities. Thus decision-making, sales, marketing, operations, and growth are restricted to the CEO’s abilities and available time. Starting your own business is terrifying, exhilarating, energizing, draining, and about a dozen other emotions at the very same time.

Being a CEO of Slash plus are you able to implement your vision into reality.

The major challenge faced by any CEO is transforming vision into reality. The journey begins with the image, which is inevitable and helps to meet the organizational objectives which are based on actions and decision. Though the path to achieving the vision is usually not noticeable, I have been able to implement my idea into reality.  I have always believed that almost anything is possible with the right strategy and action to gain success or objectives.

What opportunities get the students from your organization?

Slash plus help to pursue student’s dreams in IT career by delivering practical education, Global Certification, Internship, and placement. We impart practical knowledge to our students. And the training, techniques, and education we provide help an individual to be smarter and sound in the IT field which I have mentioned earlier.

 What are your major strengths?

I think some of my greatest strengths are my technology skills and willingness to take the initiative and I pride myself on my skills, experience, education, training and my ability to resolve what could be difficult situations. With years of experience as an associate, I have learned to understand and address the problems related to the organization adequately. On a related note, I also have strong interaction skills which help me work well with my students, team members, and executives.

I am known for being an effective leader, a quick learner, flow-through, creative and a hard working person.

What types of service are you providing to the Nepalese Market?

Slash plus is not only a leading IT Training center but also provides other IT solutions like Corporate IT Training, Network solutions, Security Solutions, Graphic solutions, web development, SEO experts, application development, IT Consultancy, Sales and support of IT equipment to the Nepalese market.