2nd March 2023, Kathmandu

Ncell Axiata Limited, a Nepalese telecommunications company, has entered into a partnership with Truphone, a global mobile network operator. As part of the partnership, Ncell Axiata Limited will use Truphone’s eSIM technology to offer enhanced connectivity and flexibility to its customers.

The eSIM technology enables customers to activate and manage mobile subscriptions without needing a physical SIM card.

With Truphone’s eSIM technology, Ncell Axiata Limited’s customers can switch between multiple cellular networks and plans on the same device without changing SIM cards.

Through this partnership, Ncell Axiata Limited aims to provide its customers with a seamless and reliable connectivity experience, especially for those who travel frequently.

Truphone’s eSIM technology will enable Ncell Axiata Limited’s customers to stay connected in more than 190 countries without having to change their SIM card or phone number.

The partnership between Ncell Axiata Limited and Truphone is expected to benefit Nepal’s customers and promote eSIM technology growth in the country.

Harry Odenhoven, the CEO of Truphone, expressed his excitement about accelerating Ncell’s adoption of eSIM technology and making their mobile network even more innovative and sustainable by reducing plastic waste.

Truphone has always aimed to create a more seamlessly connected world, and this partnership with Ncell marks a significant step in that direction. Odenhoven described Ncell as an innovative partner and stated that Truphone looks forward to developing a future-proof solution for its customers.

Andy Chong, the CEO of Ncell Axiata Limited, expressed his delight about the availability of eSIM technology for Ncell customers. According to Chong, customers can now upgrade their physical SIM to embedded SIM (eSIM) and enjoy the benefits that come with it on compatible devices.

Chong believes that eSIM will be a crucial factor in the development of the entire ecosystem of information and communications technology (ICT) in Nepal, especially as connected devices continue to grow in popularity in both customer and enterprise segments.

Chong stated that partnering with Truphone was an easy choice for Ncell Axiata Limited as Truphone offered tools for rapid deployment, fast development, and powerful self-service to accelerate the adoption of eSIM technology.

Truphone’s passion for innovation aligns with Ncell Axiata Limited’s commitment to introducing new technology and services to serve its customers, and this partnership is a step towards achieving that goal.


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