Ncell Axiata Plans Vehicle Tracking System Nepal Using GPS

Ncell Introduce Vehicle Tracking System Of Nepal

December 8th, 2019, Kathmandu

Ncell, the largest private-sector telecommunications service provider, is launching a ‘Vehicle Tracking System’ that will soon be able to detect vehicle conditions. The company plans to provide this type of service while expanding its scope from mobile services to enterprise services.

Sushil Bista, branch manager at Enterprise Sales for Ncell, said the company is about to launch such a service to help industrialists who have invested heavily in transportation services in Nepal. According to him, the system will assist in locating the actual condition of the vehicle if it is stolen. Similar systems are available in most of the foreign countries where the vehicle’s location can be tracked via a network interface between the vehicle and a remote device, say, a mobile phone. Ncell’s interest in expanding its services to cover the enterprise category seems to be a bold step given the present scenario.

‘There is a big problem with shipping right now. Our study shows that the cost is high, but the return is not received accordingly by the investor. We are bringing a tracking system to solve this kind of problem. Current problems include lies told by drivers regarding fuel consumption or even the location of the vehicle.’

The system is said to give information on where the vehicle is, where it has arrived, whether it is at work or not, at what speed it is traveling. Ncell is looking to implement such a system within the month of December. Ncell expects this system to support shipping professionals by reducing fuel and repair costs by controlling the driver’s negligence.


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