Trojan Virus Usage By Attackers To Gain Access To Users System

Shenzhen, December 7th, 2019

Trojan horse or Trojan is a malware that can be used by cyber-thieves and hackers to gain access to the users’ system. Trojan has been used to steal data and gain backdoor access to the system you are using. Such as: Deleting data, copying data, blocking data and also in disrupting the performance of computer networks.

Malware hunter team, the SocelarsTrojen steals Facebook cookies from chrome or Firefox and then use it to connect to others facebook.

It is also said that attackers are involved to dig information from social sites. Facebook has been using various security measures to prevent such attacks from the attacker.

The examples of such attacks can see in the elections of the country like the USA. Also, to counter such attacks from the attackers who mislead online platforms, Facebook is applying preventive measures.

Trojan Virus Usage By Attackers To Gain Access To Users System
Trojan Virus Usage By Attackers To Gain Access To Users System

Facebook has also announced a new policy with an aim to increase transparency, prevent the spread of misinformation. Researches have also found that besides targeting accounts, Trojan is even attempting to steal session cookies from

It is tightening its security for the 2020 election. The issue came forward after the researcher knew Trojan was distributed through a fake editing app that is PDF reader. The main target is on Facebook ad manager.

Types of Trojan includes :

  1. Trojan – ArcBomb
  2. Trojan- Clicker
  3. Trojan- Notifier
  4. Trojan-Proxy
  5. Trojan- PSW

To protect your devices like PCs, laptops, tablets, Mobile from virus, you can also install anti-malware software against Trojan. Trojan stolen data includes credit card details to account ids.

With the US elections coming near Facebook has announced various steps to prevent such attacks.


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