Ncell Did Not Reduce Data Tariff, As Per NTA Directives

Ncell has not reduced the internet data tariff as directed by the regulator NTA

August 30, 2019, Kathmandu

Ncell lowered the information tariff price. The mobile operator reduced the pay per go data tariff following the NTA Regulatory Directive.

Recently, Ncell has adopted a fresh accounting system of next-generation that will add advanced services and packages to its clients.

Previously, the charge of the Ncell data surcharge (with no data pack) was Rs 2.75 per MB and didn’t include the relevant taxes. However, the price per MB (including tax) was Rs 3 per MB. Now with the tariff cut, the rate of 1 MB is Rs 2 per MB (excluding taxes).

The tariff cut came into effect on Bhadra 4, 2076. Previously, Ncell was refusing to lessen the tariff as per the NTA Regulations. Since the pay per go data tariff is lowering, we reckon that Ncell is progressing as per customer requirements.

During the early stages of the company, the tariff rate was Rs. 6 per MB that too without packages. This rate was later reduced to Rs. 3 per MB which has again been reduced to meet the customer demands at a cheaper rate.

What is Pay Per Go?

Pay per Go data tariff will decrease the balance of your account automatically after the information is consumed. That’s in reference to personal data packs that have some set quantity to be used over a certain period.

Even though the data packs might cost you less, there are some people who do not like the thought of having a limit because they are uncertain of the quantity they’ll consume before the deadline.

If you are not a regular mobile data consumer or do not use greater data volumes, you will be well advised to use the Pay per go data tariff. The ones who used the data without the packs were the ones who complained to the regulator about the highest tariff. This decrease could have been a relief to them.


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