NCHL Twist of 2 Offer

4th September 2022, Kathmandu

NCHL has partnered with its member banks & financial institutions to promote their mobile banking-based fund transfer through connectIPS. A campaign has been launched as “Twist of 2” in which 102 lucky mobile banking users doing a minimum of two successful fund transfers using the connect-IPS option will get an opportunity to receive a cashback of Rs. 102 every week.

The offer will be valid for fund transfer from mobile banking of any of the BFIs using connect-IPS as the option.

The offer will be valid from 19th Bhadra till the end of Ashoj 2079. Weekly winners will be announced at the end of each week (Sunday to Saturday) through random selection from among the users, who have done at least two successful fund transfers using the connectIPS option available in the mobile banking app. The winners will be published at website.

For fund transfer, open your mobile banking app, click on Send Money or Fund Transfer, select connect-IPS as the fund transfer option and then complete the transaction. It is easy, convenient, and the most affordable option for fund transfers.

With the growing use of mobile banking as the primary channel for fund transfer and payments, the “Twist of 2” offer is expected to generate further awareness amongst BFI customers to avail of the services of mobile banking. connectIPS as a fund transfer option is available in mobile banking of more than 55 BFIs and does not require separate registration to use. The current fund transfer limit in mobile banking is up to NRs. 2 lakhs per transaction per day.

connectIPS fund transfer and the channel platform is now powered by Retail Payment Switch under NPS. It has processed more than 5.2 million transactions equivalent to NRs 395 Billion in settlement value during the first one & half months of the current fiscal year.


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