Finance Minister Janardan

3rd September 2022, Kathmandu

FM Janardan Sharma says the country has been spared from becoming Srilanka due to the government’s careful approach

Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has said that the country has been spared from becoming Sri Lanka because of the government’s careful approach.

At the 24th Annual General Meeting of the Society of Economic Journalists-Nepal (SEJON), Minister Sharma claimed that the country has been saved from becoming Sri Lanka due to the policy adopted by the government. He also claimed that if the government does not take the right policy, the economic situation of the country will be similar to that of Sri Lanka.

He claimed that with the recent increase in remittances, the foreign exchange reserves are also increasing and the economy is getting stronger. He said that with the beginning of the festival, remittances have increased and the country’s economy is getting stronger because of it.

Minister Sharma admitted that there is currently a lack of investable funds in the country. He also insisted that the government will pay attention to the budget expenditure to avoid a lack of liquidity. He informed that he has instructed all the ministries to make the budget expenditure of the current financial year effective.

Minister Sharma urged the private sector to increase investment in the productive sector. He urged the private sector to increase investment in the fields of agriculture, forestry, etc.


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