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Nepal, March 29, 2020

Corona, COVID-19 is the pandemic sweeping all over the world. It is causing countless deaths all over the world. lockdown is being imposed. The economy is crashing down.  There is no antidote yet. But every coin has two sides. Nepal can benefit from this pandemic. And to some extent it has.

Recently, the digital world is getting more popular than in the real world. While everyone is digitizing, Nepal is also stepping up its progress in digitalization. The country is also trying its best in the last race of the digital world.


Different countries of the world are now in lockdown. Lockdown has forced people to stay at home. In this case, even though there is no contact with the physical body, the necessary work is done by advanced technology. People are diligently working from home as well and a prime example of it is a recent SAARC summit that took place by the means of a video conference. A few days after Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s kidney transplant, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on the heads of South Asian Association Cooperation Organization (SAARC) countries via video conference. Corona transmission was discussed through video conferencing using technology, with the aim of strategizing to prevent the spread of SAARC.


Cash can also be a means of transmission of coronavirus. Earlier studies have also confirmed the possibility of transmission of various viruses from money. We don’t know whether an infected person used the cash before you or not. Therefore, one should be careful and take precautions. In countries with ‘lockdown’, people are losing contact with money business. But now if you want to carry out any type of financial transaction, it is not necessary that you should deal with cash. Digital business can solve problems. E-sewa, IME pay has become popular in Nepal. Lighting and water bills are being paid through these apps.


There are various sites providing information about coronavirus to the public. Symptoms, preventive and precautionary measures are shared on the internet. A few of the websites are working to combat the coronavirus effects on the country. Daphne, a web portal will provide online training to health workers. Kathmandu metropolis has developed a new app for the Corona self-test.

In the end, the corona is still a deadly virus but we also can’t deny the opportunity it has given Nepal to digitalize. The aforementioned are mere instances of what progress has occurred in Nepal due to corona. There could be more companies working to provide service digitally to the users. They are not yet in the spotlight but are working for improving the digital sector of Nepal While many people are using digital systems it has its own demerits. Cyber Crimes like Hacking, Identity theft are happening quite often. Due to which safety measures should be taken while using these systems. Otherwise, this will certainly make life much easier.


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