Biomedical Engineering jobs available in Corona

Nepal, March 29, 2020

COVID-19 is spreading at an alarming rate. All the countries are trying their best to contain the virus. Preventing the spread of the virus is a must. The country should also work on efficient management of medical logistics. Since health workers are working on treating their patients, they are at constant fear that they will get infected. They have to work very closely with the patients. They have to take a lot of precautions.

If treating the patient is not enough,

Equipment breakdown, errors in ventilators are like nightmares to the medical staff. To reduce this constant tension they need some expert on the technical equipment.

And what if one person can carry out both jobs? Sounds better, doesn’t it?

Well, there are BME & BMET who can check on their patient and also work along with technical equipment.

Biomedical Engineers during 2072 Earthquake

We have seen Biomedical Engineers working for hospitals when the earthquake hit Nepal. They resumed the equipment-oriented services in permanent/temporary shelters of the hospital. Ultimately helping in increasing readiness and effective clinical management. Proper clinical management is a must in the time of crisis and who is better in doing so than a Biomedical Engineer.

Call for Biomedical Engineers during Global Pandemic

At the time of this global pandemic, we need well-trained professionals handling this medical equipment. Utilizing them at the time of the global pandemic can help a lot in the country’s health capacity system. The responsibility on managing medical equipment during the treatment should be given to BMEs. These professionals are best at handling and managing medical technical equipment. This reduces the stress of other health workers who had to check on their patients and manage the medical equipment as well. Some patients need uninterrupted support from medical equipment. So, the hospital can not suffer an unfortunate breakdown of this equipment. Treating patients alongside BME and BMET is easier, more, efficient, and less daunting.


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