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14th September 2021, Kathmandu

The Best Telecommunication Brand 2021- Nepal Doorsanchar Company. “The Best Telecommunication Brand” award 2021 has been handed to Nepal Telecom.

Nepal’s telecommunication network has been increasing rapidly since the urbanization and digitalization of the Nepali market. With the number of telephone users being modernized both fixed and mobile phones the network took a hype so quickly with less network where only two network providers i.e, Nepal Doorsanchar Company (NTC) and Mero mobile(Ncell) were available then.

Today, Nepal Doorsanchar Company is the nation’s acknowledge telecommunication service provider in Nepal having branches, exchanges, and other offices in 184 locations within the country. Also with more than 5,400 employees, it is one of the largest corporations in Nepal.

The central office of Nepal Doorsanchar Company is located at Bhadrakali Plaza, Kathmandu.

According to recent data, there are about 20 million users of Nepal Doorsanchar Company including all those of fixed landline, GSM mobile, CDMA, and internet service. With the increment of users, Nepal Doorsanchar Company has been providing quality service to all its user with no level of any downgrade but upgrading quality service day today for its users.

The company has also stated that it has nearly completed its 4G expansion and now is on its way to launching 5G trials by this year 2078 BS.

As the hard workshop pays off to Nepal Doorsanchar Company, Nepal TelecomNepal Doorsanchar Company has been awarded as “The Best Telecommunication Brand 2021” by The British Magazine Global Business Outlook.

They declared that Nepal Doorsanchar Company (NTC) to be the top telecommunication in Nepal out of other international companies.

On the other side, Nepal’s private sector telecommunication, Ncell also has been awarded the “Most Socially Responsible Telecom Company” 2021 for its good customer service nationwide with a heavy customer base.

The title provided by the magazine is for whole one year that means NTC and Ncell would be tagged and retain their title for a year and the next year both the company along with international companies would again be competing for the title best awards with upgrading itself with better updates and qualities each passing days.

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