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14th September 2021, Kathmandu

YesCart is a New e-Commerce Platform in Nepal with genuine Products.

Do you know about YesCart, the new e-Commerce platform in Nepal? If not, read this article for more information.

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Yes, Bank currently released YesCart, and a portal for comparison t buy products. Using this program, Yes Bank’s credit cardholders can enjoy 10 times bonus reward points. You can use the care on Flipkart, Amazon, Mynfra, and TataCLIQ to get the reward points.

What is YesCart?

YesCart is recently launched in Nepal. It is a brainchild of IoT Incorporation Pvt. Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Vestal Impex Pvt. Ltd. The new e-Commerce platform targets the millennial and Gen Z customers’ base. Because of their effective access to the internet and familiarity with online shopping portals.

It is also promised that YEsCart will only have genuine products on the platform. Also, customers will not have any problems regarding the quality and delivery of the product.

This is a Business-to-Consumer (B2B) marketplace, it will host products from authentic brands. Which is on top of seasonal on-demand suppliers and normal retailers that follow the company’s principles and business standards.

Perfect start of the YesCart in Nepal

It is believed that the brands will have more confidence in teaming up with YesCart to sell their products. Also, YesCart is setting multiple metrics to ensure A-grade customer satisfaction.

It is bringing from authentic products to a big content catalog and secure payment integration. YesCart promises to provide a complete online shopping experience for its customers.

Moreover, you can get a 20% discount right now which is up to Rs. 500 when making pre-payment using Khalti. Also, you can get redeemable Rs. 200 early bird vouchers if you sign up to the platform right away.

In addition to this, YesCart will also issue loyalty bonuses to its regular customers.

What products to purchase from YesCart?

Namely, YesCart will primarily be a hub for consumer electronics. As well as home appliances. Also, the company reveals that it is partnered with 20 to 30 suppliers. However, it is believed that the number will grow in near future.

You’ll find Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO, Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Realme, OPPO, Fitbit, Mobvoi, Honor, LG, Dell, HP, Hitachi, and more in the consumer electronics department.

Apart from this, YesCart will also host lifestyle or fashion apparel from Attire Nepal, Vans, Converse, etc. As well as other products, for instance, musical instruments.

However, the company has not extended its area of service. This is why people outside Kathmandu valley has to wait a little while.

In addition, it is expected that product delivery will be made with a maximum of 48 hours inside Kathmandu Valley.

Benefits for merchant of YesCart E-Commerce platform

As we all learned, YesCart is an online marketplace, it will bring awesome benefits to other merchants as well. It will help them so sell their products on the YesCart platform. Also, merchants can get benefits from the various features of YesCart’s system. This includes easy-to-use back-end portal with a business-centric user interface,

In addition, you can also manage catalogs, customize campaigns, and many more. Moreover, YesCart will also be promoting its platform on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok. This will help the partner companies with a significant digital footprint for affiliate marketing opportunities.


To wrap up, YesCart is going to be an interesting new player in Nepal’s e-commerce section. While promising genuine products and lots of benefits for both buyers and sellers.

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