Ministry of Industry Nepal
Ministry of Industry Nepal

29th April 2022, Kathmandu

The Government Has Prohibited The Importation Of Mobile Phones And TVs Along With 8 Other Luxury Items

The prohibition went into effect on Tuesday and will run through the end of the current fiscal year until mid-July 2022.

To alleviate the situation of diminishing foreign exchange reserves, the Nepalese government announced a restriction on the import of ten luxurious goods on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies stated in the announcement that the prohibition will not apply to people who completed the banking process before April 30.

The prohibition went into effect on Tuesday and will run through the conclusion of the current fiscal year in mid-July 2022.

On April 26, the government issued a gazette prohibiting the import of color televisions larger than 32 inches. Importers of televisions larger than the date listed in the Gazette will be prohibited from bringing them into the country until mid-July. The government has also prohibited the entry of pricey phones costing more than US $600, or around Rs 73,000.

Aside from televisions, the government has prohibited the importation of crunchy, crispy, lays, vehicles and vans, and motorbikes with displacements more than 250 ccs. Similarly, until July, imports of cards, gems, ready-made liquor, cigarettes, and tobacco goods are prohibited.

You can read the official Gazzette Here


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