Nepal Government Committed To Enforcing Clean Feed Policy

July 28, 2019, Kathmandu

A debate in the House of Representatives Development and Technology Committee regarding the Advertisement Regulation Bill started on Friday.

The committee meeting, held on Friday, passed the bill implementing the Clean Feed Bill that means there will be no foreign advertisement on television.

According to the provisions of the Committee, the old service providers will get one year from the date of implementation of the act to switch to Clean Feed.

Kalyani Khadka, chair of the committee, said that they’d provided 1-year time to the service providers to study and analyze the clean feed. The new service provider will have to switch to the Clean Feed as soon as the act is implemented.

The service providers held a 24-hour protest to show their dissatisfaction towards the bill.  However, the government is determined to implement the clean feed policy claiming that it protects the art and culture of Nepal by improving the marketing status.

The old service provider will have to change to the clean feed within one year, regardless of the number of years of the agreement with the foreign channel. If they need to renew the contract, they will automatically have to use the clean feed.

Some MPs presented a proposal to amend and remove the clean feed. But the amendment was rejected after discussion. Even after talks on the bill, MPs can still have their say regarding the clean feed bill.

After passing through the House of Representatives, the bill will reach the National Assembly. It will be legal as soon as it is passed from the Assembly.


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