Becomes First Ecommerce Company To Give Employees Stock

29th July 2019 Kathmandu, a leading Nepali e-commerce company, has launched an employee stock ownership scheme.

In the context of Nepalese e-commerce, it is the first and only company to bring out such a scheme. Employees working in the company for the past three years will be able to participate in the scheme.

Anup Shakya, the controller of Sastodeal, estimates that the total capital value of the scheme will reach at least  Rs 10 Crore within the next two years.

Founder Executive Officer of the company, CEO Amun Thapa says, “We are fortunate to have a board that recognizes the importance of motivating the sustainability of employees for the company’s subsequent growth.”

The average age of our company members is 3 years. In this sense, members are investing the most productive time of their lives for the benefit of this company. Therefore, ‘Company Management’ is very pleased to have the opportunity to introduce their employees to become partners of the company by introducing employee stock ownership scheme.

The way that the employees will be able to participate in the plan will be determined based on their working hours and performance evaluation.

Established in 2011, is one of the leading companies in Nepal in the field of e-commerce. The company is determined to provide its users with the best customer experience by utilizing the local infrastructures available. The company’s plan of providing an employee stock ownership scheme to its devoted employees is a great way of thanking them for their services towards the growth of the company.


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