Nepal Government Launches Trade Information Portal

Nepal Trade Information Portal launched

September 23, 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal

The government has launched a ‘Business Information Portal’ to provide all business information from a single place.

Minister Matrika Yadav launched the website at a program organized by the Trade and Export Promotion Center (TEPC) organized at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies on Thursday.

Commerce Secretary Baikuntha Aryal said the website was created to help importers and exporters in trade. He said, “We have set up a website to facilitate trade, and needs to be updated on a daily basis” adding that if they do not update it periodically, there is no justification for the website to be implemented. He said the website should be updated with the international business changes.

Er. Surendra Dangol said the website can also be used to know the methods and procedures for exporting and importing Nepalese products in developed countries.

According to him, the business laws related can be easily found from the website. Likewise, countries with maximum possibilities to export the goods produced in Nepal are also listed on the website.

On the website, the businessmen can also put their product profile and hence achieve a better trade result than the traditional methodology.

During the program, Minister Yadav urged every industrialist to put their product profile on the website. Minister Yadav added “Just building a website is not enough. So, to give this initiative foothold support and cooperation from the private sector is mandatory.”

According to the ministry, $1250,000 was provided by the World Bank as a fund to start the website.

To open the aforementioned  business portal, the following link can be used: Click Here


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