Ncell Brings Attractive ‘Mero Plan’ For Its Prepaid Customers

Ncell has launched a new scheme Mero Plan

September 24, 2019, Kathmandu

Ncell has brought in a new customer plan. The company has announced the “Mero Plan”. The company has informed that consumers can avail data, voice and SMS services at a cheaper price.

The scheme, which will be implemented from Ashoj 1, will have five plans – Plan 199, Plan 299, Plan 499, Plan 799 and Plan 999. The company claims that the customer can use the data service at a more accessible rate for the duration of these schemes.

Likewise, subscribers can access voice and SMS services on the net over the Ncell network. A key feature of this plan is the ability to automatically turn off the data connection once the bundled data on each plan expires. Customers will quickly be able to use the service by packing additional data specifically tailored to ‘Mero Plan’ users.

Customers will be able to get 1 GB data volume at Rs 254.10 and calling on Ncell network for just Rs. 1.28 per minute under plan 199.

In addition, if the data volume under the plan is used before the expiration period, the customer will be able to get an additional 1  GB pack at only Rs. 89.38.

Under Plan 299, customers will be able to avail 3 GB data volume at Rs. 381.69 and on-net voice service per minute at just Rs. 1.15.  If its data expires ahead of time, you will get an additional 2 GB pack at Rs. 127.69.

Depending on their requirements, the customer can take any one of the five plans. Under this scheme, there are plans for customers with 6 GB data volume, and there are plans with 15 GB data. Customers can purchase Plan 499 for Rs. 637.17. The plan provides voice service at Rs. 1.02 per minute and once the volume of data on the plan is exhausted, the customer will be able to purchase an additional 3 GB of data for Rs. 191.54. Likewise, under Plan 799, 15 GB is available at Rs. 1020.24 and voice service at Rs. 0.89 per minute is provided on the Ncell network. If the data volume is used before the expiration, then the customer will be able to get an additional 7 GB data volume at Rs. 383.07.

Ncell has also come up with a Plan 999 for customers who need more data on a monthly basis. Under this, the customer will be able to get 25 GB of data at Rs. 1275.62 and call at just Rs. 0.64 per minute. If the data volume finishes early, the subscribers on the plan will be able to purchase an additional 10 GB of data for only Rs. 510.76.

The data volume and services used under each plan will be available for 30 days and any customer who initiates any of the five plans will be able to send SMS within Ncell network at only Rs.0.64. Likewise, the data volume in the extra data pack will be valid for 7 days.

The customer can dial * 302 # and purchase any plans as per instructions. Additional data can be obtained by dialing *17123#.

Any plans under this scheme will be renewed automatically every month after implementation. In order for the plan to be renewed, the customer mobile must have the required balance as per the plan. Even if the main balance is insufficient to renew the plan, the customer will be able to use the existing fee of Rs. 2.54 per minute for calling and Rs. 1.25 for SMS services over the Ncell network. The scheme will be active for three months.


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