Nepal Infrastructure Idea Hunt

9th September 2022, Kathmandu

Nepal Infrastructure Conference-2022 started in Kathmandu on Thursday. This conference was organized by the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport and the Confederation of Nepal Industry.

With the belief that the overall development of the country can be achieved through sustainable infrastructure, the Confederation has been organizing the Nepal Infrastructure Conference since 2014 in partnership with the government. Economist at the conference Swarnim Wagle said that domestic investment should be emphasized in the infrastructure development of Nepal.

He warned that if the domestic investment is not paid attention to,  the country will fall into an economic crisis like Sri Lanka. “Sri Lanka got into a problem when developing physical infrastructure with the help of foreign investment and lenders,” he said.

Wagle urged that internal investment should be prioritized to increase the impact of physical infrastructure and achieve sustainable development. “Infrastructure development should give benefits to the people and financially,” he said, “Infrastructure development should be promoted sustainably.” It is necessary to understand about infrastructure development in the society.’

He said the pandemic showed the lack of physical infrastructure and the lesson should be learned from it and move ahead.


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