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17th August 2022, Kathmandu

Robotics Workshop in Kathmandu Nepal has been organized by Madan Bhandari Memorial College in association with Robotics Academy in Nepal and is Supported by ICT Frame Magazine.

Technical information & applications are on the way to geometrical progression. Fast & accurate learning is the demand of the present time and hence the structured learning strategy is our core requirement.

As the fresh students in the school & college door are eager of learning & full of enthusiasm for technology, we have to introduce them to the world of Robotics and Electronics in practical ways to experience the power of Engineering in the real world.

The workshop execution policy is ‘Learning by Doing’ which is executed by exceptional experts in the field of Electronics and Robotics education who have very vast experience and achievements during their college time and are dedicated to technical education.

We are solely dedicated to designing, developing, and executing the latest, practical, and most economical courses in the field of Electronics and Robotics. Our unique features Courses are followed by one day’s on-class workshop for 3 Hours.

This workshop to bridge the technological gap between the students and the latest development to make them familiar with Robotics and its applications.

The workshop will familiarize students with electronic components and circuits to understand their basic working principles and their applications in Robotics.

Also, it enhances their knowledge, explores their ideas, and boosts their creativity. The workshop is for one day (three hours a day), during this period they will get good knowledge and hands-on experience with different techniques as guided by the trainers when necessary.

They will be exploring their theoretical knowledge of the real product through the electro-mechanical projects on which they work during the training hours.

Participants’ certificates and booklets of robotics & basic electronics project will be provided by the Robotics Academy of Nepal.

The overall course contents would be:

A. Conceptual 1.5 hrs

• Introduction to Robotics:
• Computer and Robotics Basics concepts
• Electricity Voltage
• Current AC (Frequency, Amplitude)
• DC (Battery as a DC source)
• Resistance

B. Basic Robotics 1.5 hrs

• Basic programming concepts
• IT Concept
• AR and VR Technology
• Drone Technology

A Short Bio of Speaker

A maker and an innovator with an electronics and communication engineering background
Former Secretary at Robotics Association of Nepal, Founder at Innovative Ghar Nepal, Robotics Academy of Nepal, and Chairman at Safety Knot Nepal, Bikrant passionately believes that in today’s age, technology is at the forefront of driving any type of social change further. He hopes to utilize his technical experience to innovate and help society to solve the local problems with local solutions which can create a global impact.


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