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30th July 2020, Kathmandu

The Indian street racing Bajaj motorcycles are one of the most popular bikes in Nepal. Bajaj brings in a variety of bikes for commuters of all ages. The popularity of this brand is so overwhelming that 3 years ago Bajaj started assembling its bikes here in Nepal.

In recent news, we have come to know that the Bajaj plant in Nepal not only assembles these motorbikes but is also manufacturing them in the domestic soil! In a price list published by the NADA Automobiles Association of Nepal, all models of Bajaj engines except for Avenger are produced in Nepal.

Bajaj has 14 models of bikes available in Nepal. They include 100cc Platina, 125cc Discover, Pulsar 125, 150, 220, NS 160, NS 200, Avenger, and Dominar. In all these, except for the Avenger cruiser, Bajaj produces the rest of the models in Nepal.

Similarly, Bajaj has two 3-wheelers available in Nepal. The Bajaj Maxima is produced in India whereas Bajaj RE is produced inside the country!

Below is the price list that NADA produced.

NADA Produced Price List

Price list published for Bajaj Engines and their origin country.

It is good news for many of us to know that our land has the capacity to manufacture these beloved bikes and are doing so as well.

However, Nepalese people show disappointment in the fact that the pricing of the bikes remains the same. The Bajaj motorbikes that we purchase today are still expensive regardless of domestic production.

If we are producing motorbikes in-house, there are certain charges that do not apply anymore. For instance, custom duty and transportation charges should not apply while we purchase Bajaj engines.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that the price of Bajaj bikes should decrease?

Do you see a potential in the motorbike market here in Nepal?

Share your thoughts!

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