Yatri Motorcycles

27th July, Kathmandu

A startup dream comes true with all eyes on the Yatri Motorcycle venture!

After a successful launch of their first electric motorcycle “Project Zero”, Yatri is all set to launch their next electric creation, “Project One” in 2021!

Keeping things much exciting, Project One will be a Dual Sport electric machine that will dominate the streets and the terrains of Nepal!

Yatri’s Project Zero prototype received so much love and appreciation that they were all set to launch 50 units of the Project Zero by March of 2020. But due to coronavirus, they are changing their strategy and now focusing on the design of Project One.

In a very interesting conversation with the electricvehicleweb.in, Yatri’s founder Ashim Pandey reveals that Project Zero will launch in the spring of 2021 and Project One in October 2021!

That’s not all; Project Zero will be twice the price of Project One.

Yes, that’s true. Yatri plans to enter the market with Project One and have people talking about how awesome the motorcycle is. And with Project One, they aim to make good sales.

So lookout for the Project One units rolling in October 2021! They will be cheaper than Project Zero units!

When you read the strategy Yatri is adapting, it looks very mature and well planned. We have all the good wished to this all Nepali Motorcycle manufacturers!

Are you excited about the Project Zero units and Project One concept reveals?

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