Nepal Mobile Distributors Association (NMDA) is going to be organized on Mobile Expo 2016 on 29th December 2016 to 2nd Jan 2017 at Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu, Nepal. Your Business has the following values.

1. Branding:
You get a chance to associate with and event that is close to your product and niche consumer. The positive impression will last beyond the five days of the Expo. Catch media attention and capture adequate exposure in the media due to the substantial content of our advertisements.

2. Public Relations:
Sponsorship is not looked upon as hard sell like advertising. It creates a positive ethical corporate image as a product that cares for the community. It assures the consumers that the company gives something back to its consumers as a do-gooder.

3. Live Marketing and Sales:
Take full advantage of an exhibition platform which allows you creative face-to-face interaction with your consumers and increases your sales. Given the Expo environment and the New Year 2017 timing of the Expo, interact with your consumers when they are ready to meet you, willing to listen to you and capable of buying your product.

4. Market Research:
The Expo will give a chance to get the feel of your consumers to need & understand their psyche and what turns them on. A live information feed backs that no marketing cook-book or reports will give you. Face-to-face moments with your consumers or competitors will provide you with insights that no marketing data will give you. A rare chance to sharpen your marketing and sales instincts which tend to be a far more effective tool than marketing strategies and schemes.