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24th November 2022, Kathmandu

In the financial year 2077/78, Nepal Re-Insurance Company becomes the highest taxpayer among other insurance companies.

The tax office has honored Nepal Punabima Company for paying high amounts of tax, among other insurances. Nepal Punabima Company has been praised for delivering a high tariff in past years.

On the occasion of tax day in the financial year 2077/78, Surya Nepal has been the highest taxpayer. I was following that Bijayakumar Shah is the highest taxpayer among personal taxpayers.

Towards health Nobel Teaching Hospital, towards tourist Manakamana Cablecar has been honored.

Regarding income tax, Nepal telecommunications Company has been paying the highest tax. Gorkha Brewery has been honored for delivering a high amount of accretion tax.

In the respective fields, these are the highest taxpayers, towards export Shivshakti Du and Rajesh Metal Craft, agriculture wise OCB Feeds and Fund, towards cooperatives Chimek lagubitiya Sanstha, and towards bank Nabil bank.

These people have also been honored towards commodity trading Hansharaj Hulas Prali, energy wise Chilime hydropower, middle-class taxpayer Nepal stock exchange. IME Remittance Company is the highest taxpayer company among others.

These are entrepreneurial business people or companies honored for paying a high amount of tax.

Nepal telecommunications Company (NTC) has paid a high amount of accretion tax whereas Shivshakti Du for most export, Rajesh metal craft specific honor, agriculture OCB Feeds and fund, Chimek microfinance, Nabil bank highest tax payer, Nobel Teaching Hospital highest taxpayer in the medical field, towards tourist Manakamana canblecar prali, commodity trading Hansharaj hulas chand and company prali, energy wise chilime jalbidhut has been honored for highest taxpayers.

Nepal dhitopatra exchange market li (Nepse), Bijaya Bahadur Shah, towards personal most accretion, through remittance company IME, Surya Nepal has been awarded for paying the highest amount of tax.

Gorkha Brewery has been honored for producing the highest amount of vat.


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