Nabil Bank 37th Anniversary

24th November 2022, Kathmandu

In the financial year 2077/78, Nabil Bank gets a reward from the internal revenue department for paying the highest amount of tax among banks and finances. On the occasion of national tax day, the federal department distributed this reward, and chief executive Gyanendra Prasad Dhungana received it.

The respective bank paid 2 billion 79 crore tax in the financial year. In the past ten years, this is the 7th time Nabil Bank has been awarded for producing the highest amount of tax.

It feels good to be part of state development as the highest taxpayer among institutions of finance, says  Dhungana.

According to the bank, in the year 2077/, 78 18 billion 38 crore tax has been paid to the state. This means one decimal of 32 times money in the bank’s total capital.

Its investor’s bank has provided a total dividend f 14 billion 47 crores and an 18 billion bonus while distributing shares.


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