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23rd July 2020, Kathmandu

Adding to the various initiatives taken by Nepal Telecom in recent times for revamping its market, the telecom company has yet again brought some exciting offers for its valued customers.

Nepal Telecom has introduced various exciting offers on GSM and CDMA postpaid mobiles and FTTH. These offers are valid from Shrawan 1, 2077.


Fiber to the Home (FTTH) service has been made more customer-friendly by offering the service in both Data Pack and Combo Pack.

  1. A) Data Pack

Under this, different rate packs of 20 and 50 Mbps are provided for one month, three months, and 12 months.

For 20 Mbps:

A one-month pack of 20 Mbps costs Rs. 1,200; a three-months pack costs Rs. 3600 and a 12-months pack costs Rs. 14,400.

For 50 Mbps:

A one-month pack of 50 Mbps costs Rs. 1800, Rs. 5400 for a three-months pack costs Rs. 5400 and a 12-months pack costs Rs.21,600.

  1. B) Combo Pack

Under this offer, 15, 25, and 60 Mbps internet and voice services are provided.

For 15 Mbps:

A one-month pack of 15 Mbps costs Rs. 1000, three months Rs. 3,000 and 12 months Rs. It will be available at 12,000.

For 25 Mbps:

A one-month pack of 25 Mbps costs Rs. 1500 for three months. 4,500, and Rs. 18,000 will be available.

For 60 Mbps:

Similarly, a one-month pack of 60 Mbps costs Rs. 2000, three months Rs. 6,000 and 12 months Rs. 24,000 will be available.

Each combo pack includes 250 minutes in a month pack, 750 minutes in a three-month pack, and 3,000 minutes in a 12-month pack. Similarly, when purchasing a 12-month pack, an additional 2 months can be used for up to 14 months.

For detailed information regarding FTTH, you can visit NT | Tariffs | FTTH Tariff.

Postpaid Mobile

As per the decision made by the Government of Nepal, the ownership fee has been revised with effect from 1st Shrawan, 2077 BS. The ownership fee of Rs. 500 will no longer be charged. Instead, a 2 percent ownership fee will be charged for each new SIM card and recharge card purchase and payment. Accordingly, to get a new SIM card, Rs. 500 will be charged instead of the previously charged amount of Rs. 945.

Postpaid mobiles purchased at Rs. 500 will have the credit limit of Rs. 460. A 2 percent ownership fee will be applied when paying through any means (recharge card, bank, company counter, smart card, etc.) in postpaid mobile.

Various new packs with a duration of one month have been developed to make the various facilities provided through postpaid mobiles more customer-friendly. Under this, the basic pack is Rs. 384, premium pack Rs. 749, Gold Pack Rs. 999, Diamond Pack Rs. 1499 and Platinum Pack can be purchased at 2499.

For detailed information on postpaid services, you can visit

Nepal Telecom is trying its best to catch up with the private sectors by revamping its strategies to cope with the market competition. As customers, these are great times to have better options to choose from compared to the previous years. What do you think? Are you happy with the new offers made by Nepal Telecom? Or do you expect better schemes and offers in the future? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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